logo.gif (2301 bytes) Cheat Lake
Volunteer Fire Department
Monongalia County, West Virginia
Company 14

              The Cheat Lake Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1955 as the Union District Fire Department. While our name changed many years ago, our purpose remains the same... to serve the public.  

We are a Volunteer Fire Department.

You may have questions like: What does that mean exactly?

The answer is when you call the 911 center, they dispatch our volunteers by cellular, radio, and sirens.  Volunteers then respond from their work, home, or other locations to the department.  They then have to put on their protective equipment and respond to the actual incident.  As you can imagine, this means our volunteers give up many things (family meals, full nights sleep, weekend chores, fuel for their vehicles, etc.) solely to help others in need.

None of our members receive any financial compensation or pay.
Members raise the money needed to purchase trucks and equipment, keep the electric bill paid, purchase fuel, and finance training for the Volunteer Firefighters.  

This department is made possible by our volunteers and is a non-profit organization.
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